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Aerial Yoga


Discover Our Story. Unveiling the Journey Behind Yoga Jungle and Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga; where strength meets serenity for a pain-free life. Passionate about elevating your fitness journey with the use of a suspended hammock, providing you with a safe place to reverse the effects gravity has on the body and moving you into a healthier and happier you!


Choose from a variety of classes, including; beginner, intermediate, fitness, meditation classes and so much more! To read more about aerial yoga, your upcoming experience, the benefits, what to wear, questions or health concerns, click below. 

“Great class very informative and a great stretch! nothing like being in a cocoon and then coming out feeling reborn!"

Maegan, Student


Hi, my name is Jenna

owner and teacher of Yoga Jungle Aerial Studio. Created in 2018, I am passionate about sharing the healing and life changing benefits of a few of my favourite healing modalities. 


Years ago, I spent most of my days seated at a corporate desk job. My body constantly aching from sitting hunched over, feet up and typing all day long. Constantly looking for ways to help reduce my back pain and strengthen my weak wrists. 


A friend then introduced me to Aerial Yoga, I was instantly hooked! My body felt stronger, I found relief through my back, it realigned my spine helping to improve my posture. It also added so much joy and play to my days, leaving me smiling after every class! 


And now, it is one of my favourite things to do.. to share it with you!


Thank you for trusting in me and sharing this experience with me! Through aerial yoga, meditation, reiki, other workshops, classes and events I have enjoyed every moment with you and love being part of your journey. 


Much Love 



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Jenna Aerial Yoga
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