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Yoga Jungle Aerial Yoga


Our goal at The Yoga Jungle is to reverse the problems gravity creates on your body such as chronic back pain, poor digestion, emotional challenges, and spinal issues by using simple, yet powerful and effective movements. By having your body inverted with your head beneath your heart, you will feel the benefits counteracting the postural problems our bodies have become accustomed to. This is why Aerial Yoga can be a beneficial exercise for you and your body. Continue to read more below for all the details. 



Sitting for long periods of time has been referred to as todays number one killer, taking years off your life. In todays society, we spend lengthy periods of time sitting. Typically in poorly designed chairs that are damaging our body and contributing to spinal misalignment, back pain and an unmotivated mindset. Aerial Yoga offers many benefits including 

  • Boosts Immunity & metabolism

  • Decompresses Spinal curvature

  • Improve muscle tone & stabilizes body weight

  • Alleviates depression

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Increase digestive function

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Increase postural alignment

  • Increase circulation & decrease blood pressure

  • Regulates mood & releases negative feelings

  • Greater self confidence & self acceptance

  • Tones organs and pelvic floor

  • Enhances the body to mind connection

  • Regulates sleeping patterns

  • Drains lymphatic system

  • Reduces the signs of aging

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Improves memory & blood flow to the brain

  • Increase red blood cell & oxygenation of the body

  • Improves joint lubrication & mobility

  • Increase height & libido

  • Expedites reaction time & hand-eye coordination


Aerial Yoga isn't for everyone and your first class may feel a little defeating and may leave you sore for a couple of days. Know that your first class is going to challenge you, just like anything new! But after your second and third class, you will get the hang of it and this is when the real joy begins!


You will be required to sign a waiver and liability form and disclose any health conditions or concerns. Noting that Doctors approval may be required to participate. Inversions and participation should be avoided if you have any of the medical conditions listed below. And do not invert if you feel light headed, dizzy or nauseous, or you have taken anti-coagulants or Advil within the last 8 hrs.

  • Recent head/brain trauma or injury

  • Cancer

  • Glaucoma or detached retina

  • Active endometriosis

  • Severe vascular disease

  • Recent surgery

  • Pregnant

  • Hernia 

  • Ear, eye, sinus disorders or infections 

  • Fractured or broken bones 

  • Fused vertebrae(s) or severe spinal cord trauma 

  • History of heart failure, circulatory and/or heart disorders

Email us at with any inquires before joining as all sales are final. We welcome all genders, heights and fitness levels. With our maximum weight limit at 300lbs.


No experience is required! We suggest starting with either a beginner or restorative class for your first class and then continuing your practice from there. This will allow you to become comfortable with your fabric, the movement and what your body desires. 

To reserve a hammock in your desired class, reserve online prior to arriving through our online studio schedule. We have 8 hammocks available per class. Classes are subject to availability with the option to be added to a waitlist. The studio door closes promptly at the beginning of class as adjustments to your hammock must be made before participating. Doors open 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class. Late entry will not be granted. No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes. Classes can be cancelled through your booking profile 6hrs prior to your scheduled class with no penalty and a credit to be used towards a different class. All classes expire on the date agreed upon when purchasing the class/pass/membership.


Bring water and wear comfortable active wear that has no zippers or velcro.

Best clothes choices would be; comfortable non-slippery pants, long sleeves shirts, not a must but suggested to avoid potential pinching or discomfort. And clothing that is more snug to allow for comfortable inversions. A supportive bra and/or compression underwear are recommended. 


Avoid wearing jewelry, shorts or slippery fabric. Our facility is a scent free facility and respects the sensitivity of everyone, please avoid lotions, perfumes and scented products.

Yoga mats and hammocks are provided. If you prefer to use your own mat, feel free to bring it with you! 

Noting the numerous health benefits listed above, practicing aerial yoga weekly can relieve daily/weekly aches and pains, while providing you with a way to move that is supportive, playful and strengthening!

For additional questions, policies and agreements, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions on our Contact Page. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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