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Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock


Open your world to the amazing benefits of aerial yoga with your very own Aerial Yoga Hammock. This Emerald Green, circus grade, aerial yoga silk, is designed to fully suspend the body and allivate the effects gravity has!


These hammocks are 6 yards in length, allowing them to be suspended from a minimum ceiling height of 8ft. (max 12'). This could be done by installing anchors in the ceiling, using a beam, clamp, or bar in a basement, office or workout space. Supportive structions, also known as 'rigs', can be purchased online for outdoor and indoor settings.


Your aerial yoga hammock is equipped with a two-point susension system that can be used in studio or at home. It includes 2 daisy chains, 2 carbiners and 2 d-rings. All used for easy suspension and height adjustments. Daisy chains to suspend from your structure and carbiners to attach your hammock to the daisy chains.


Everythng comes in a leaf print cotton drawstring backpack.

Set up wherever you go! Welcome to your aerial yoga journey!


    Cotton drawstring leaf print Yoga Jungle bag 

    Emeral Green Aerial Yoga Hammock

    2x Anchor daisy chains

    2x Steel carabiner

    2x D Steel rings




    Colour: Emeral Green

    Length: 6 yards
    Width: 110"/ aprox 9'
    Weave: Tricot 
    Material: 100% Nylon 

    Working Load Limit: 192 kg (425 lbs) | 1.9KN 
    Breaking load: 1542kg (3400 lbs) | 15KN
    Stretch: low - medium 10%



    Wash your hammmock in cold water on delicate in a front load washing machine. Use a tablespoon amount of detergent, no fabric softners or fragrant beads. To dry, use lowest setting, delicate no heat or spread out and suspend to air dry. Fabric will fade in direct sunlight. Keep sharp objects away from material. Check equipment often to ensure no rips or tears



    Aerial yoga is not right for everyone, be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or concerns. Consult a contractor or professional regarding proper support and installation in your space. 

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