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Beginner Aerial Yoga Course 8 Progressive Classes

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Welcome to Your Beginner Aerial Yoga Course! Including 8 instructional full length aerial yoga videos starting with the basics. We will first learn about your hammock. Different ways to suspend it, how to wash it, tie it and properly secure it to a structure. From there, a new video will be delivered to your inbox each week totalling 8 full length videos. Each video progressing from the last, learning a variety of poses and movements. Providing you with the knowledge and guidance to safely explore your aerial yoga practice! Aerial Yoga offers amazing benefits! Inversions alone help to decompress the spine, helping to reduce everyday back pain. It increases your overall core strength, helping you sit taller, walk straighter and lower the risk of future muscle injuries. Practicing Aerial Yoga regularly will improve your overall mood, strength, confidence, posture, sleep and so much more! Aerial yoga doesn't have to be filled with flips, tricks and complicated wraps. Aerial Yoga can be used to experience a wider range of motion. Moving in a fun, playful, supportive way. For example, a typical downward dog may add pressure to your wrists and shoulders. With the support of a hammock positioned under your hips, relieve can be found throughout the limbs, spine and joints. This gentle, progressive, playful course will guide you to move, heal and integrate health habits into your life! Cheers to you and starting your aerial yoga journey!



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